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Name DT (generic)  
Manufacturer sanofi pasteur  
Viability Bacterial Subunit
Indicated Ages 6 weeks - 6 years (before 7th birthday)  
Dose 0.5 mL  
Schedule 5 dose series at 2, 4, 6, 15-18 mos and 4-6 yrs  
Route Intramuscular
Appearance Uniform, white and cloudy  
Concentration Diphtheria toxoid, 25 Lf
Tetanus toxoid, 5 Lf
Preservative None  
Adjuvant Aluminum phosphate, 1.5 mg
Excipients Formaldehyde, <100 mcg
Aluminum phosphate, 1.5 mg
Allergens None
Media The culture media consist of a tryptic digest of casein, supplemented with cystine, dextrose (Diptheria only), uracil (Tetaus only), maltose, uracil, inorganic salts and vitamins.  
Packaging Single-dose (0.5 mL) vials  
Storage 2 to 8 C (36-46 F) - Do Not Freeze
PI date June 2013  
  table last updated 12/19/17