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Yellow Fever vaccine is approved for use in persons 9 months of age or older. The vaccine is contraindicated for infants younger than 6 months of age.

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Yellow Fever Vaccine

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Maps of Areas with Risk of Yellow Fever Virus Transmission in Africa and South America (2017).

Persons With Diseases of the Thymus Should Consider Alternatives to Receiving Yellow Fever Vaccine CDC investigators have identified diseases of the thymus as a possible risk factor for severe complications following yellow fever vaccine. Barwick R. History of thymoma and yellow fever vaccination. Lancet 2004; 364(9438):936.

Evidence of rare, severe adverse reactions to 17D Yellow Fever Vaccine Three articles and a commentary in the July 14, 2001 issue of the Lancet provide data on 7 people who developed severe yellow-fever like illness following yellow fever vaccines. Yellow fever vaccine is a live attenuated viral vaccine. Investigators have speculated that persons over 55 or 60 years of age may be at increased risk of this rare complication.

    Vasconcelos PF, Luna EJ, Galler R, et al. Serious adverse events associated with yellow fever 17DD vaccine in Brazil: a report of two cases. Lancet 2001;358(9276):91-7 | Abstract
    Martin M, Tsai TF, Cropp B, et al. Fever and multisystem organ failure associated with 17D-204 yellow fever vaccination: a report of four cases. Lancet 2001;358(9276):98-104 | Abstract
Yellow Fever and Malaria Information, by Country (from CDC)